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Eureka (UK)

Very sad news… 
this is the last issue of ace Eureka magazine:
“The Apocalypse Issue”

Gotto say i admired the designs of Eureka a lot, very detailed and great artwork, an example for all graphic designers… will be missed, all the luck to their great staff! So sad to see this great mag is ending.

See more great designs Eureka on Flickr

Eureka was the monthly science supplement from the The Times: “it covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from life sciences to earth sciences and from green issues to oceanography. Its focus will be on the latest scientific developments, how and why they matter, the people behind them and solutions for the future. Each edition will carry great writing, beautiful photography and detailed graphics.”

Editor: Giles Whittell
Deputy Editor: David Reay
Art Director: Chris Clarke 
Design Fraser Lyness 
Picture Editor: Madeleine Penny 
Researcher: Nicola Davis
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